Management Style

Risk Management Through Active Management


Risk mitigation, wealth preservation and effective active management are the pillars in all models, strategies and investment products. Actively navigating to mitigate risk is achieved through strategy development, disciplined systems, leverage and liquid investment vehicles. 

01. Analysis

Charts give a big picture view and dynamically show periods in which the market is controlled by bullish, bearish or neutral trends. Differing chart styles offer multiple perspectives of market conditions and pricing intervals.

02. Minimizing Bias

Technical analysis, as a methodology, can give greater diversification by minimizing potential bias and giving consideration to all areas of the market and individualized sectors.

03. Risk-Adjusted Returns

Since our inception, Spectrum Financial has been focused on building strategies that seek competitive returns, with managed risk, and that continues to remain our goal.


A Rich History in Active Management

Spectrum Financial, Inc. was established in 1986 as a registered investment advisor (RIA) with the objective of actively managing the markets through separately managed account strategies. Each strategy was built to provide a risk managed alternative for our clients, but also provide competitive returns to outperform benchmarks over time. In 2013 Spectrum Financial launched its first mutual fund, the Spectrum Low Volatility Fund and in 2015 its second, the Spectrum Active Advantage Fund. Each mutual fund is strategically built to provide an investor exposure to each fund’s asset class, but do it efficiently by side stepping the draw-downs inherent in buy-and-hold alternatives. This is achieved with fundamental and technical analysis tools, 30+ years of experience, and a dedication to provide an investor with a risk managed investing experience.

Number of Years in business

$404m overall controlled AUM by Spectrum Portfolio Team Fund


Portfolio Managers

Ralph Doudera

Lead Portfolio Manager & CEO

Mary Collins

Assistant Portfolio Manager, President & CCO

Chris Hendrix, CMT

Assistant Portfolio Manager

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